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Courtesy Pay

We all make mistakes, and we all deserve some grace when we make them! Southwest Financial uses Courtesy Pay to give you some grace in case of an overdraft.

Courtesy Pay comes with these benefits:

  • Comfort knowing transactions are potentially covered, even in cases of low balance*
  • No embarrassment from a bounced check or declined card
  • Peace of mind when you can’t pay for emergency transactions
  • Prevents non-sufficient funds fees or returned item fees from merchants
  • Forgiving fee for first two overdrafts

You can add Courtesy Pay to your account for free, and we will cover transactions up to your Courtesy Pay limit. You only receive a fee if we authorize a Courtesy Pay transaction.

If you’re ready to get a little bit of grace, opt into Courtesy Pay today!


*Whether or not Courtesy Pay covers a transaction is discretionary. Southwest Financial reserves the right not to pay if it deems that course of action appropriate.

Courtesy Pay & Overdraft Protection FAQ 

Do I have Overdraft Protection?

All our members with a checking account have their savings account as free overdraft protection.

Do I have Courtesy Pay?

You only have Courtesy Pay if you opted in when you submitted your application for the checking account.

What is the fee to use Overdraft Protection?

It’s free! There is no fee to use Overdraft Protection.

What is the fee to use Courtesy Pay?

Courtesy Pay fees depend on the number of overdrawn transactions. The first two transactions are $1 each, the next ten are $30 each and anything after that is $35 each. The fee schedule starts over annually.

What are the requirements to use Courtesy Pay?

You must have a checking account with a deposit that clears up your deficit, preferably within a two-week period.

How do I opt in or out for Courtesy Pay for debit card and ATM transactions?

If you wish to opt in, we have a Courtesy Pay form you can complete. You can remove Courtesy Pay by verbally request after answering three ID verification questions or by submitting  secure message.

Want to learn more? Text us at 214.613.0834

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